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ProjectLoad Pricing.

The pricing for ProjectLoad reflects our commitment to our customers. We have a unique pricing model that is designed to make certain our product always remains useful. We charge a flat $10 per person per month based on the number of people you have authorized to use the system. Since you control how many people can use the system, you also control how much you pay. There is no setup fee, no installation fee, no long term contract, and no cancellation fee.

This reflects our belief that no one should pay for a product that is not helping them. You have no fees to start using the system, and no obligation to continue using it if it doesn't work well for you. In addition, you can try ProjectLoad free for the first 30 days. If you do not find it useful, simply deactivate your personnel before the 30 days is over and you will not be billed. If it works as well for you as it does for our other customers, simply keep using it and we will automatically calculate how many people you have authorized to use the system each month and bill you $10 for each person. As your organization grows or reduces staff, you can add and remove people as needed.

This model means our customers have no barriers to try the system, and no commitment to keep using it unless we continue to make certain we are responsive to their needs. It also means our customers have no risk of making a large up front investment in a software package that may turn out not to be effective for them.

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