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This page provides an overview of information in ProjectLoad that can be customized for the person logged into the system.There are various sections you can choose to activate and place on your Home page view.
  • Projects. This area can include projects you manage, projects you are assigned to, and/or projects people that report to you manage. Each project has a control area that lets you create a Gannt chart, run a report, edit the project, or attach project notes.
  • Active People. This section includes all people that report to you and shows the number of hours they have reported this month, when they last filled out their timesheet, and if there are any alerts.
  • Organization Files. Administrators can publish files for all users in this area such as Policies and Procedures or Project Guidelines.
  • Incomplete Timesheets. For supervisors, this area provides a list of personnel who have not completed their timesheets from the prior period. It includes an email reminder option.

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