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Reports from Web Based Project Reporting Software

Report project management information using the integrated, web based reporting system

Our web based project reporting system provides information on historical and forecasted hours at a wide variety of summary and detail levels.

All reports can be exported directly into spreadsheets or an external database. Since the reporting system is web based, the client has nothing to install and requires only an Internet browser.

ProjectLoad includes a robust web based project reporting system to make the most of your information. The reporting system provides great flexibility and functionality so you can easily develop reports that focus on the questions you need answered such as:

  • How much time is each project taking?
  • What percentage of that time was spent on each phase?
  • What percentage of our time is being spent on administration? Is this more than last quarter?
  • How many billable hours did we have last month by client?
  • Which employees are expected to have available time and when?

The reporting system is completely web based and can be accessed by any authorized user via an Internet browser. The system includes:

  • The ability to report historical hours, forecasted hours, or both
  • Summaries at a variety of levels including project, phase, activity, person, or team
  • Pop-up displays that allow you to view the report in one window while manipulating the data in another
  • Drill down capabilities so you can dive into the underlying details of any information displayed
  • Memorization so you can create your own customized reports
  • Export capability to download any report to a spreadsheet or external database

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