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What is ProjectLoad?

Organize, track and forecast the work of a group of people in a very intelligent, very affordable way

ProjectLoad organizes and tracks projects, people, and the relationships among them.

It contains integrated systems for project management, employee timesheets, and customized reporting. It will allow you to -
  • Create projects and divide them into phases and activities, each with timelines and estimates
  • Define people and their work hours, then assign them work or allow them to assign themselves to projects as needed
  • Have each person use daily timesheets to report time and update estimates
  • Automatically forecast each project, phase, activity, and person
  • Create reports for historical and forecasted work hours by person, team, project, phase, or manager
  • Access anytime, anywhere. You need nothing more than a computer with Internet capability. No software to install, maintain, backup, upgrade or purchase
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