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Web Based Timesheet Software

ProjectLoad includes a web based timesheet system so each person can record the time spent each day on each activity. The timesheets are completely integrated into all other areas of the system and as users enter their daily time the system automatically updates the project forecasts, all levels of reports, and generates warnings and alerts as needed. The timesheet system provides the most commonly needed capabilities in one location and allows users to:

  • Input their time for the day
  • Update their estimated target dates and remaining hours
  • Add new assignments
  • Post notes to activites
  • View the number of hours spent to date on each activity
  • View the system's forecast for how many hours need to be spent on each activity for the day in order to achieve all target dates
  • View a snapshot of an entire month with breakouts for how the time was spent each day and the forecast for how many hours will be needed on future dates
  • Access the activity editor with a single click
  • Use an activity timer that fills in their daily hours automatically as they work

Since people work in different ways, the timesheet system supports multiple daily views. Each person can select the version that works best for them and change it at any time.

The system includes a timer that opens a small window on the desktop and lets a user simply click on whatever activity they are currently working on. In the background, the system communicates with the server and updates their timesheet with the time they spend on each activity throughout the day.

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